Week 12 Results: Big NFL Run Crowns King for a Week

Big news this week: We have launched the Pix Populi Radio podcast! The Commish, Tim Wood, is joined by two-time Pix championship winner Russell Holley to break down the week’s games. You can hear the first two episodes on Blog Talk Radio, including the latest episode here.

Please follow us on the BTR Pix Populi Radio page and tell your friends! Now on to the Week 12 results!

In the most heated finish of the year thus far, a Pix Populi OG finally found his groove after a season spent in the middle of the pack.

gene-king-pix-hedGene King (pictured) is king of the crowd for Week 12, thanks to an overtime win by the Kansas City Chiefs. The Pix vet jumped over six players as the highest ranking player to pick the Chiefs to take the win by one point over Eric Bowman, The Commish and Dave Adams.

King earns the automatic bid into the upcoming Pix Populi playoffs, as well as the $64 weekly pot.

Susan Leclair finished rounded out the top five with 73 points. The leader for much of Sunday, Pix newcomer Denny Jacobs, missed big on Denver-KC, picking the Broncos to win by 18 points. He finished sixth with 70 points.

This was easily the highest scoring week of the year, as nine players hit all 10 college games on Saturday for varying amounts of points. Leclair and Adam Carroll led the Pix pack with 39 points apiece. In all, 13 players had 30 points or more heading into the NFL picks.

Adams, Dan Kam, The Commish, Russell Holley and Rob Gillinder were all within five points of the leaders.

Up until the Sunday night, it was Bowman and Jacobs who had made the strongest play in the pros, as Jacobs had scored 45 points and Bowman 42. With the field goal as overtime ended, King leapfrogged them all, ending with 43 points in NFL picks.

Bowman, The Commish, Jacobs and Doug Mayer all finished about 40 points. Jim Stinchcomb (39), Adams and Larry Boysel (38) all bested the Week 4 total points winner with their NFL picks alone.

King, Bowman and Wood all just missed one game for the week. Jacobs picked all three NFL Thanksgiving Day games perfect to make up ground.


Kam, Holley, Mayer and Boysel rounded out the top 10 – all with 64 points or more, a point total that would have won the week in 10 of the 11 previous weeks.

Week 11 winner Barry Wood came back to Earth a bit with 36 points in Week 12, good for a 196th-place finish among the 266 players.

Barring a collapse and a major surge, it appears to be a two-player race for the overall regular season points total title, a crown that amounts to nothing if you can’t finish it off with a playoff win.

The new overall top 10: 1. Holley 505, 2. Tim Wood 494, 3. Steve Kistulentz 464, 4. Alan Arseneau 445, 5. Bowman 444, 6. Debbie Wood 433, 7. Justin Jarrett 410, 8. Ron Wilson 410, 9. Rob Gillinder 389, 10. Lisa Sulka-Diana Pinkham 388.

Folks who were absent last week, we hope you’ll come back this week! And please, tell your friends! Your new voting place is PIXPOPULISPORTS.COM!

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Remember, make your Week 13 picks by Thursday 8 pm EST this week with the big Cowboys-Vikings game on the schedule.

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