Beginner’s Luck? Adelson wins Week 10 in First Time Ever Playing Pix Populi

We had a ton of firsts this week, including one that our little group of OG Pix Populi players will be none too happy about.

The good news: More and more players are discovering Pix Populi through Forbes, potentially increasing the pot for paid players.

The bad news: One of those Forbes newbies just won a week.

It was Amy Adelson’s first time playing, as she discovered the game through reading our college football Pix versus Vegas breakdown on Forbes. And for the Lafayette, La. And diehard LSU fan, it was perfect timing.

Adelson eeked out a win in what was easily the worst weak in the history of Pix Popul, finishing with 37 points to just barely beat top player Justin Jarrett.

In all, 180 of the 244 players this week finished with 10 points or below, with 104 of those finishing in the negative for the week. Worst-case scenario happened one after another on both Saturday and Sunday, leaving players emailing and texting The Commish asking how bad the damage was.

Michigan, Auburn, Clemson and Washington falling left us with just 10 total players in double digits. Alan Arseneau and Larry Boysel led the pack with 14 points with Adelson middle of the crowd with just 7 points.

While six out of the 10 NFL games ended with winners opposite of the consensus Pix selection, Adelson shined. She missed just two games on her way to compiling 30 points during NFL play. Her confidence in a high-scoring Cowboys-Steelers game put her in the lead for good over Jarrett, Debbie Wood, Steve Kistulentz, Lisa Sulka and The Commish. Pete Cilli was the lone player among the top fourth of players to pick the Seahawks over the Patriots, which moved him into fourth place for the week.

Boysel, Susan Leclair and Dan Kam rounded out the week’s top 10.

The new top 10 overall: Russell Holley 390, Kistulentz 389, Tim Wood 374, Arseneau 347, Debbie Wood 329, Diana Pinkham 326, Eric Bowman 325, Ron Wilson 320, Lisa Sulka 308, Jarrett 300.

Big welcome to the 34 new players last week. Other than Adelson, Richard Bennett was the high scorer with 11 points.

Folks who were absent last week, we hope you’ll come back this week! And please, tell your friends! Your new voting place is PIXPOPULISPORTS.COM!

And follow us on Twitter @PixPopuliSports, where if you sign up by Thursday 9 am, you will get access to a bonus pick this week and you’ll see updates after each stage of the picks weekend (early college games, after Saturday, after early NFL, after Sunday NFL and final results after Monday Night Football).

This is the final week before we start to give you the playoff picture and talk about forecasted prize pools. Good luck!

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