Kistulentz becomes third repeat Pix winner of the season thanks to Raiders


The oddities continue hitting us between the eyes in this comeback season of Pix Populi.

We only had two repeat winners in the four-year history of Pix Populi in its first mid-2000s run. But already in this reboot season, we now have our third repeat winner despite averaging more than 100 more players per week than ever before.

Recent newcomers Pete Cilli and Jim Noll put up strong late challenges, as did Pix veteran Dale Butts. But in the end, author and professor Steve Kistulentz pulled out his second victory of the 2016 season.

We had another influx of newcomers from the Pix-vs.-Vegas column seen globally on Forbes Online. Three of those players — Trevor Nichols, Evan Grady and Paige Trimble – were right behind Kistulentz and Alan Arseneau through Saturday’s college games.

Larry Boysel, Russell Holley, Dan Kam, Susan Leclair and Ric Beaudoin were all over 20 points after college – quite the feat considering the number of blowout wins and upsets that flooded the college slate.

Kistulentz didn’t slow down on the NFL games, as he was correct on five of the last six picks of the week to secure the win. Boysel and Dave Adams were in position for the win heading into “Sunday Night Football,” but the Raiders’ convincing win over the Broncos did them in and propelled Kistulentz to the Week 9 win.

Eric Bowman, Cilli, Adams, Debbie Wood, Trey Halgoren, Butts, Diana Pinkham, Mike Dern, Claudia Riley and Steph Quill all outperformed Kistulentz in NFL picks, but the author once again showed that steady wins the race.

Though just two people cracked the 50-point threshold this week, this was the third-best average scoring week of the season thus far.

So how is the Pix crowd doing against the Vegas experts? When it comes to straight-up winner picks where Pix and Vegas differed, Vegas beat the Pix crew, 4-3. The two sides differed the most on Florida-Arkansas (Vegas win) and Raiders-Broncos (Pix win). In terms of picking closest to the correct winner and margin of victory, the two sides tied, 9-9.

The new overall top 10: Russell Holley 275, Kistulentz 362 (+1), Tim Wood 349 (-1), Arseneau 330, Bowman 316 (+1), Pinkham 313 (-1), Debbie Wood 296 (+1), Lisa Sulka 283 (+2), Barry Wood 281 (+1), Rob Gillinder 274 (+2).

Folks who were absent last week, we hope you’ll come back this week! And please, tell your friends! Your new voting place is PIXPOPULISPORTS.COM!

And follow us on Twitter @PixPopuliSports, where you will get access to a bonus pick this week and you’ll see updates after each stage of the picks weekend (early college games, after Saturday, after early NFL, after Sunday NFL and final results after Monday Night Football).

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