2016 Pix Week 8 Results: Wilson, Holley Find a Path Back to the Winners’ Circle


With just days to go until Election Day, the latest Pix Populi results had a very electoral feel.

Just like so many pollsters are crying to carve a path to 270 electoral votes for their candidate, we too had so many paths to the Week 8 Pix Populi title right through the last out of the Sunday night World Series game.

One of our bonus picks asked our crew to pick the total number of runs scored combined by the Cubs and Indians in Games 3-5. Pickers could choose 16 runs or over, or 15 runs and under. And that pick was in doubt until the Cubs finished off a 3-2 win, keeping the total number of runs for the week at 15.

Barry Wood led through the college game and still was in contention into Sunday night. The Commish’s dad and wife, Debbie Wood, were 1-2 after Saturday among the 206 total contestants we had in Week 8 – a huge bump in players thanks to the Pix Populi vs. the Vegas pros column that debuted at Forbes Online.

The Woods faded after the 4 p.m. Sunday night games, as Ron Wilson and Kaleb Frady rode huge NFL weeks to the top of the standings. But with Wilson and Frady picking the over for the baseball run totals, eight people were in the running right to the end.

In the end, Russell Holley jumped in to tie Wilson for the Week 8 win, a week that featured the highest scorers of the year and the highest overall average points per player of any week in 2016.

It’s the second time in the money for both players (Wilson won the money pot in week 6 despite losing the points title to Bluffton mayor Lisa Sulka). Wilson earns the automatic bid into the end-of-year Pix Playoffs with the Week 8 win.

Dave Adams made a triumphant return to the game, narrowly missing the win with 67 points. Barry Wood and Frady finished fourth and fifth with 63 points each.

In all, 16 players finished with 50 points or more this week – a new all-time high for our game. So congrats to all for surviving the early-season drought and persevering to the promised land.

We had more than 120 new players this week, and Pete Cilli led all newcomers with 47 points. That was two better than 2016 newcomer but veteran player, former Bluffton mayor Hank Johnston.

Speaking of mayors, Sulka has shaken off a slow start to the 2016 season and rebounded with four straight weeks of 43 or more to jump into the overall top 10.

Our new overall top 10: Holley 336, The Commish 319, Steve Kistulentz 306, Alan Arseneau 299, Diana Pinkham 274, Eric Bowman 272, Wilson 266, Debbie Wood 259, Barry Wood 254, Sulka 251.

Big doings for Week 9, with a new Web home to make your picks. The weekly picks form is now available at www.pixpopulisports.com. And if you haven’t seen it yet, please check out our first Forbes column, where we compare your picks to what the Vegas pros thought. You can see that column here.

And we’ve changed the picks form a little bit to simplify the process. Make your multiple choice pick for each game and then tell us the winning margin in the space below.

Finally, asking for points scored for NBA players in the bonus picks. Pick how many points you think Lebron and Durant will score.


Exact points picked: 7 points

Within 3 points either way, 5 points

4-7 points either way, 4 points

8-14 points either way, 2 points

More than 15 points off either way, -3 points

Great week, everyone. Hope you had a great Halloween and good luck in Week 9! Tell your friends! It’s never too late to join Pix Populi!


Thanks –

The Commish

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